Thursday, July 2, 2009

This podcast may interest my creepy fan

Episode 26 - Theology Today

My poor little incoherent buddy couldn't even figure out what Phil Naessens was saying in his podcasts and posts which the sad little man lies about. From Phil:

I went over to the site you mentioned and how an anoymous person is using a comment made on one of my blog posts about you being anonymous. Its not the same thing and it certainly isn’t what I’ve been harping on for the past 16 months or so.

The blogger trying to drive a wedge between us is the exact type of blogger I’m always going on about. Cowardly and unaccountable people like him/her/it have zero business finger pointing and making accusations against others anonymously. I’m sorry that an innocent comment in a thread about anonymous bloggers has caused this.

Whoopsie. Wanna get away?

I most sincerely thank you for linking to this blog so that people can see what a nutter you truly are. Out there somewhere is a clock missing its cuckoo.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hyperpreterism brings out the worst in some people

Image by just.K, used with permission, copyright 2009, all rights reserved by artist.

One person who has decided to dedicate a site to me (sick enough) is now accusing me of promoting child abuse.  The "person" doesn't have the guts to identify who they are, not even by a commonly known screen name.  I dare them to identify themselves how they are known on the Internet.  If they are known as DancesWithWolves, I could care less.  It is how people know them.  Otherwise, Mr. Coward, have your attorney contact me at  You have crossed the line into criminal slander.  If you think you are right, surely you won't mind my attorney contacting yours.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Alternatively your attorney can call me at the number listed in my profile so that I can give him the number of mine.  A certified letter to my post office box will also suffice.  You want to play games?  Game on.  Let's see how brave you are little man.

Now to everyone else.  This is hyperpreterism for you.  No better than any other cult.  This is not an isolated incident.  Virgil Vaduva of PlanetPreterist has pulled similar stunts "anonymously" (i.e. not even using a screen name) though he never accused me of promoting child abuse.  He did speculate on the size of my bosom and claim that I had associative personality disorder.  He also posted all kinds of information such as where I work, my boss' name, what I was doing twenty years ago as a teenager, family member names, my address, a map to my house with the not so subtle insinuation that someone should pay me a visit, my maiden name, and who I bought my house from.

"Pastor" Samuel Frost has publicly denounced such activities but still continues to support Virgil Vaduva and speak at his conferences because he doesn't have the courage to take a stand that might actually cost him something.  Other hyperpreterists, such as my friend David Green, stay away from the likes of Virgil Vaduva and have integrity.

With few exceptions of a few men and women, this is the fact of hyperpreterism.  They will slander you and intimidate you.  They will not do that to me any longer.

So Mr. Coward, you want to accuse me of a crime?  Tell me where I can have my attorney call.  You are big and brave behind your keyboard.  I have also reported you to Google for both violating my privacy and accusing me of a crime.

Keywords so that this information gets in the hands of those reading your filth:  

"From the Designer: 'Yxboom tried to evict Dee Dee Warren from his head.' " (novelty T-Shirt by that depicts child flushing his head in the toilet. Since it may amount to photographic evidence depicting child abuse a screenshot of it is not shown here but can be provided to the authorities as required by law).

Here is the t-shirt using an image that went viral over the internet about four years ago.

And just for good measure to show that you are not only a libelous coward, you are not too intelligent, when a site moves servers, it takes 72 hours for full propagation.  What that means is that some people will get some loopy errors during that time, some people will not be able to access the new site at all (which happened to me), and some people will have no problems.  Your cloak-and-dagger nonsense about completely innocent pages being "removed" is so plain ridiculous that you might want to buy a new tinfoil hat as the one you have now appears to be overly active.  Those pages are there and have remained there.  Perhaps next you can accuse us of removing the page where I admit to liking vanilla ice cream?  OH THE HORROR!!!!

While this is personally vexatious to have to deal with internet harassers and thugs, I praise God for it gives me the chance to expose hyperpreterism for the cult it is and the personalities it attracts.  

Pastors be warned.  These are the wolves attempting to infiltrate your flock.  They defame, attack, threaten, and bully everyone who leaves but refuses to leaves silently.  Those who speak out against them are subject to intense sustained abuse.

Fortunately cyberstalking laws are catching up with the times.  I am in touch with an attorney that specializes in cyberstalking and am fully prepared to defend myself from thugs so that they cannot victimize anyone else.  Ever since I broke the cone of silence as to what these punks have been doing to me for years, I have received grateful emails from others who have been cowed into silence.  Silent no more.  

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have been a vocal critic of hyperpreterism for over a decade.  During that time, I have been the subject of outlandish bullying tactics from certain members of that group.  Here are several podcasts below which detail them.

Episode 20: What an iTart!

Episode 24: It Matters What You Do

Here are several posts which explain the motivation behind the latest round.

The latest round is one of the most incoherent conspiracy theories I have ever heard.  I refuse to respond to such nonsense.  In fact, I respond to bullies as appropriate when needed.

The main purpose behind this blog is always to alert people that these hyperpreterist(s) are impersonating me on several sites.  If you see my username, don't assume it is me unless it is at any of my sites listed below (if you listened to the podcasts or read the blog posts you will know why secondary domains are needed).  I will update as needed.


THEPRETERISMSITE.INFO belongs to a friend, who is allowing me to use it since was ethically stolen from her (not legally stolen, but ethically by someone professing to be a "Christian" but is instead a hyperpreterist).

They are also impersonating me by email.  Here are my real email addresses.  If you get or see one from any others; write to me at one of these to verify its veracity.

Here are some letters of support from orthodox elders who know me personally rather than slander from hyperpreterist heretics under the pretense of "accountability."